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Friday, December 11, 2015


All updates and new lists hopefully be published by the end of February 2016, as we are now closing till that time for a much needed break !
Best wishes for all  readers of these posts and hoping we shall all be successful in the new year !
At the moment our local market is plunging as minerals are not needed by the world in sufficient quantities and local politicians are adding to our woes by unfortunate views, moves and statements!

To counter this action we have closed our positions on most local shares and have invested in the NEWUSD
 ETF and other overseas shares on our local bourse that are overseas based such as REI. Do watch out for too high PE's and keep alerts and some stop losses in place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I fully realize it does not help to RAIL  against the status quo! 
How   ever ,it is worth pointing that all and sundry are getting on the band wagon, to score at the expense of the poor tax payer ,including SNAKE OIL SALESMEN !

See small cap update above 2/12/2015

The poorest countries whom, by the way produce the least emissions, want quad-trillions  to curb their emissions.
An easier way would be to use the Russian method ,which would be to place a boycott on some of their exports if they do not comply.
The major cause of the excess production of carbon-dioxcide is
of course over population  farting and exhaling and not enough afforestation round the world ,especially in Chinese cities to mitigate these effects. Some extremists want to get rid of cattle and other forms of domestic and wild animals.  Poor animals produce only one quarter of one of the major volcanoes emissions in a year!
Do read our previous post THE GREAT CARBON CREDIT SCAM on Friday 1 2015 below.
There is really no need to reduce human gas industrial activity to zero. All things in moderation is all that is needed.
 The immediate aim is to reduce the temperature rise to less than 2%. REALLY ! WHY?