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Friday, March 2, 2018


Hats off to the Japanese industrialists and government for recognizing the fact that Fuel Cells are far superior to batteries to keep the environment free from pollutants. All the big auto manufacturers and industrial engine manufacturers are on board.Also used in catalytic converters, the Platinum Group Metals are tops.
The rest of the world manufacturers are taking the line of least resistance and falling over each other to produce mostly lithium long life batteries.
Already countries are complaining about the use of electricity that simply will not be enough to reload these batteries and are already suggesting that they will have to recharge them at night, which  by the way usually will take all night  to recharge. 
This electricity will mostly be produced by coal fired power stations for almost the next century.
Talk of pollutants!
On the other hand Fuel Cells can get a recharge in about fifteen minutes at special points that will continue to be added to existing garages and larger sites for industrial use.

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