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Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Update

Trading For Dummies27/7/2011 Update This American political thing of brinkmanship between the parties to influence the voters in the next election is really bad for all of us in the financial world.We are still short with index warrants as  insurance against our shares which loosing value,we are likely not to see a settlement before Friday or Monday.Then the market should recover
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I never write about politics,how ever Malema' utterings are have a serious effect upon our ability to raise capital  to develop our resources .No body wants to finance new ventures where nationalising might be a prospect in the not too distant future!
We have to look no further than other Socialist countries at present , our neighbour where new ventures have come to a complete stand still,namely Zimbabwe.
 Now the African National Congress say they are opposed to Nationalision,but they allow their youth leader
to utter such statements.One must ask one self why.
I have come up with some answers after research.
FIRST- AS ABOUT SIXTY PERCENT OF THE YOUTH IN OUR COUNTRY CANNOT FIND WORK and no party will be able to change that in the short term,the ANC is in danger of losing votes,so having a radical issue these utterances helps them continue voting for the ruling party.Even so they losing support as moderates move to more realistic parties.
SECONDLY Malema as youth leader is now 31 years old and has to vacate his post on reaching the age of 36,so these utterings are an attempt to prevent him from becoming a nonentity in the party.
No doubt he will be replaced by another radical,but then their allegiance will be to Malema as he then will have to be taken into the upper structure of the ruling party.
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