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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Stripping of South African Resource Assets Part 2

Unfortunatly remarks by members of our  government  from time to time harm our image.Things are not that bad on the ground,but those utterings take center stage in the overseas news media which unsettles investors.
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ALERT 17/4/2013
Investors and some traders have been surprised by the fact that GOLD and PLATINUM prices dropped when China and other countries failed to meet their targets and their currencies  declined.After all these resources were supposed to be the final currency which should protect them from such events!
Well all reserve banks world-wide still carry GOLD as a reserve currency so it certainly has value as a basis for paper currencies.
In the past gold went up when paper printed currencies went down,but not of late.Now gold increases as the stock market of a country increases in value.The price increases for all the wrong reasons.So speculators had driven the price up.
The physical demand accounts for about a third of newly mined gold ,reserve banks absorb another third and finally hoarders and speculators hold the rest.The price is unlikely to fall below $900 per ounce as this would have a devistating effect upon governments capital held.
ALERT 12/1/2013
COMMeERZ BANK noted at the beginning of this month that "Monetary turmoil is not easing notably,but accelerating worldwide.The only true value  currency out there is gold"
A startling statement to make for a rather conservative institution!I see that some other commentators include precious metals of the platinum group as well.Rhodium and Platinum both  could be included as there is not enough gold to satisfy the demand of central banks worldwide.Many institutions feel these metals should back quantitive easing money as such easing can not carry on indefinitely as it devalues currency and  leads to quickening of the inflation cycle.
ALERT 1/4/2013
There is a growing surplus of steel and coal starting to develop world wide,caused by industry "jumping the gun" and winding up production before there is a genuine demand for their products.The recession is easing and in time the world will recover,but the recovery is likely to be very slow this year.

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The minister of mining Shabangu was unsettled by the choice of  the new CEO of Anglo American(Mark Cutifani replacing Cynthia Carol with out informing or consulting her beforehand.Actually its none of her business!),the international company with its main listing in the UK and remarked that it must be remembered that it was a South African company that had its main listing on the JSE before 1994, migrating to the FTSE there after.She conveinently forgets this company ( the fourth largest in the world) received about 90% of its development capital from overseas.They helped open up  South Africa to be the resources gaint it is today,to say nothing of the taxes it pays and the knock on effect of many industries that serve the mining and other sectors. The Kumba storey where they gave their mining concession to a rival which had members of families of the government ministers comes to mind .Thank goodnes for our law courts which are untainted by scandal.They reversed this decision.Anglo American (AGL)  has behaved impeccably as they have given a fair portion of their development capital to Southern Africa.
The trade unions are letting us down by repeated wild-cat strikes,which our weak  government almost condones.This plus the recession almost brought Angloplat to its knees.Now AGL has to find the funds to re-finance the company again.
Do read the stripping of our assets part 1.
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