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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Emerging markets are beginning to show value again for the first time after the long recession thats lasted from 2007.Up to now investors have opted for safety of their industrialised countries.
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Well the month that was has passed.The stock markets have reached all time highs in both the USA and here in South Africa.The market always run ahead of actual conditions after recessions.That does not mean the party is over,but the upturn will probably last for a number of years.The shock of the American government closing did not spoil the party,but has made countries world wide nervous and they are starting to look for alternative structures so to avoid a similar threat in future.

ALERT 25/10
BILITON(BIL) is in a  better position to exploit the stabilising steel prices in China and the rest of Asia as they are virtually on their "door step",than any of the other large mining groups as the distance between them and their market is the nearest.That is why they are expanding their mining works in Australia.

ALERT 18/10
There is new interest  OIL FROM SHALE leading to intensive  geological investegations in the KAROO BASIN .This is very exciting news for us as ,this will stabilise our prices eventually.SASOL is at the forefront of these investigations.They will gain good experience from their venture in America where they are busy with extracting oil there from shale rock.

10/10ALERT        BOTSWANA is busy establishing a large DIAMOND cutting and polishing industry.De Beers is aiding them in this project at the behest of their government.True they have the largest  number of unmined diamond diferous kimberlite pipes in the world.The trouble is that they are off the beaten track for buyers who frequent the longer established polishing centres of Antwerp and Tel Aviv. 

4/10 ALERT      Mick Davis is at it again!
The former director of ESKOM and founder and CEO of Xstrata which grew into a gaint resources company that has been taken over by  Glencore has not been at a loose end for long.HE is busy with a new company which has all the makings of a new aquisitive gaint.Called X2 RESOURCES,RUMOUR HAS IT THAT IT HAS ALREADY ATTRACTED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH OVERSEAS.

2/10ALERT  A shortage of platinum group metals are starting to occur world wide. This is not reflected in prices yet as producers are afraid to increase prices as demand might weaken on higher prices,but when industries start to increase orders then prices are likely to rapidly increase.

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EMERGING MARKETS HAVE LAGGED THE FIRST WORLD MARKETS for what the traders considered more stable markets.How ever as emerging markets fell further than the first world markets and shares that survived that fall are beginning to flourish.They are attracting funds from those in the know.Still it is better to buy shares on the more stable markets in this category as the JSE of South Africa which has had the market the longest in Africa and other bourses that have been there the longest on other continents and have an impeccable reputations for rules and regulation of the market. 
Metals and minerals are also starting to take off again as shortages are starting to develop as production was severely cut during the recession.The world is recovering slowly,but the pace will eventually start to speed up ,causing prices to rise rapidly.Do remember it takes time to increase production and its not as simple as turning on a tap!