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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


0ver the last couple of decades resources have moved in  different directions which we could hardly comprehend  in the past.
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ALERT 21/4
Amplats and Implats have increased their offer of wages to  10% per annum.At the present offer no mine can really afford it as the price they receive for platinum is below the present working cost. How ever most surface supplies have been used up and the mines are bargaining on an increase of prices going forward.
Meanwhile the president of the maverick union AMCU is as cute as a cartload of monkeys as the saying goes as he now asks the government for funds to rescue the union members on their three month strike with out pay.At the same time it must be remembered there thousands of workers willing to take their jobs with out work,so far the mines have resisted the call to use Scab labour.

ALERT 5/4.
MASILELA who is the head of the PIC(Public Investment Corporation) ,has shown a complete lack of economic sense, suggesting  the platinum miners should form a cartel with Russia as these two countries produce 80%  of the platinum group metals in the world, to determine the prices. One has only to read this post and others that I have written over the past months to see such an idea would would worsen the mines positions further. Obviously he is frustrated by the ten week strike that continues as an election is coming up in May.

As an example platinum which was the most desired metal  and needed in all kinds of industrial as well  as jewellery now is not that much in demand any more as now platinum is recovered from scrap in a big way has seen its price almost halve over that period.

During the same period the United States of America has freed its self from relying on imported fuels with its fracking  program as well as its tar sands and deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico.
NEW MINING METHODS are now urgently being sought here in South Africa as unfortunately politics have been wound in with labour relations to paralyse the mines .We in this country have up to eight times more labourers to run similar mines than would be needed in any other country of the world. The government resisted efforts of the mines to reduce staff. Now how ever their veiw is changing as the drop in taxes from the mines is  forcing the fiscus to take A DIFFERENT VEIW.