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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Currency Surprises

   Well  Quantitative Easing (QE) has finally ended in the United States and there was a quick nervous retreat in the market ,how ever the turn around in the States continues with business improving visibly. Which ever way we look at it there was not enough money as before floating around in the world to kick-start the rest of the world economies.
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   The Ukraine crises had crimped Europe's economies as the trade war with Russia intensifies. Even the two main drivers of the Euro zone, namely France  and Germany were starting to
feel the head-winds with exports falling and work becoming scarcer.
    The Far East had its own problems with the Chinese boom stagnating and Japan trying to break out of a three decade deflationary cycle. In China  there have been signs that they are starting to stimulate their property sector as this in the past led to a boom that then extended to other sectors of the market.       
   This then has a knock on effect on all other economies that supply China with resources especially and then other goods benefit as well.
 Japan's population have also recently chosen  a more radical government that that is prepared to take on a new course of action. As soon as they entered office they increased the money supply. This helped awhile then the status quo began to reappear. Now they have taken the gamble to create  money ,increasing by another two thirds, their own "Quantitative Easing  !". This has had an  electric effect upon the world as they have stated that will pump some of this money into surrounding economies. This all happened on the 30 of October. This has come just at the right time to fill the gap left by the ending of the QE gap. Our South African stock market shot up by over 1000 points  which is very unusual as this is more than double the usual daily moves. The rest of the world also improved.
   The Eurozone is also heading in the direction of easing credit after seeing the effect it had in America and the rest of the world is following this example.
   Our South African Rand has began to stabilize again as the IMF seems pleased at the moves our minister s taking to improve our currency.