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Friday, May 1, 2015

The Great Carbon Credit TAX SCAM !

Yes our government along with others in the world can not wait to get their hands on more taxes to waste on meaningless projects and themselves!
 Do remember that with out carbon dioxide no life would be possible on earth!
Sure we don't want to live in a smoky environment or where     chemicals put artificially high amounts of poison in the air or drinking water. The problem should be attacked in another way, say  by tax credit incentives for better management of immediate environments.
Luckily the last volcanic eruption in Iceland in four days has negated every human effort in the last five  years to lower   CO2   in  the atmosphere.
Please teach your children that plants need CO2 to synthesize into oxygen for us to breathe.
As for global warming, the earth now seems to be in a cooling cycle so now the term "Climate Change" is being  used.
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