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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Greek Default

The 30 June 2015 was default day. It has been obvious that this day has been coming for a number of years. This has not been a purely Greek fault and  the main drivers  such as France and Germany have been responsible for much of the pain Greece will now have to bear. The Euro monetary unit is certainly not based on democracy as last year when Greece was first entering a greater discomfort zone and they proposed a  democratic referendum to decide if they should break ranks with the Euro Unit ,draconian action was promised against  the then government, who were then incidently pro Euro.  So resentment was built up against the union. Obviously the main drivers of the Euro monetary unit wanted give their private citizens time to unwind their exposure to Greece.
Now towards the end of the saga they seemed to impose more impossible conditions upon Greece, knowing full well that Greece could not meet them so as to shift the blame fully to them and away from the Union. Greece gave in on most points ,but then always more was required.
  To say that Greece only represents about 4% of the Euro trade and will have only minimal effect upon the union in a break up is also not true. Do remember the citizens and their government have withdrawing Euros from those been injected into their banks which might now might be billions.
So when Greece returns to their original currency,  which say they devalue by 40% then they will still have the Euros which could threaten the stability of the European Union. These moves of the major countries in Europe are not lost on other Mediterranean  countries I am sure.
 Another worrying aspect of this debacle is that Greece has always been a staunch member of Nato.  No doubt Russia would help Greece and those ties would weaken!