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Saturday, April 1, 2017


In all this political turmoil happening around us at the moment,we feel it is imperative to look at the basics of what is now needed in the world, in as far as metals and minerals are concerned.
Suddenly platinum group metals are not quite the in thing anymore. Too many mines wanted to get in on the act as prices soared and of  course there was massive  over production.As stockpiles come down its easy to turn the spigots open again and over produce.
Rare earth type metals which is now needed in all manner of things is LITHIUM. There is not enough of this resource to go around and the hunt is on to find more. As electric cars become the in thing there is likely to be a shortage for the next couple of decades.
The main producers at the moment are United 
States,Bolivia and Chile. Australia has now been added to these states as new deposits have been found in great quantity as well as Namibia. There are SPODUMENE deposits right here in 
South Africa but with hostile political uncertainty they remain undeveloped.
It would seem ,we South Africans have only one chance in getting in on this bonanza at the moment and that is by investing in TAWANA SHARES. We usually avoid small caps especially ones that are only 5 cents a share which was the price a year ago. It was an exploration company,but has shot up to about R4.00 by end March 2017. How ever its prices are likely to be very volatile till the the end of the year when the first income can be expected. 
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