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Monday, July 3, 2017

South African Dilemma!


The ANC has been in power for 23 years with out any serious rivalry from other parties. Now with the worlds recent recession and people wishing to have a greater say and exercise their democracy, the bloated upper echelons are starting to scramble to preserve their lifestyle. The president Zuma and his cohorts have been involved in numerous scandals and they wish to keep their gains by proposing his wife for the next president, the term starting 2019,which will also avoid prosecution of those now being investigated. The ANC has lost the major cities to opposition groups a major blow to their party.
Unfortunately  they are now resorting to left wing slogans,also replacing trusted democratic ministers with those involved in those scandals as they are really forced to be loyal to the president or likely end up in jail!
 As an example the new mining minister of four months proposes a third mining charter which would is illegal as the Pretroleum Resources Development act still being debated by consensus in the commitee stage has first to be passed for legality.  Riding roughshod over the rules expects the mines to comply within the year!
This bill is opposed by the CHAMBER OF MINES which is taking it to court as as it stands it would be impossible to find any funds to start any new ventures. 
The CHARTER 111 also falls foul  of the GENERAL AGREEMENT OF GATT which could  lead to this being suspended ,leading to great financial loss to South Africa.

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