1.During the previous year the general investment climate in Southern Africa never really lived up to  expectations. Stocks of course had o...

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Lessons and Surprises !

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1.The eyes went open of many of our South African socialist politicians when they observed how the population of our neighbor state ZIMBABWE  went wild celebrating in the streets for days at the fall of the socialist leaning tyrant Mugabe was deposed after 37 years in power. 
At independence Zimbabwe was referred to as the breadbasket of Africa. Our local politicians held him up as some one they would aspire to be like!

2. Agro-mining is likely to be the the in thing in future. That is using plants to take up metals especially on worked out mines ,then to extract this from the plants to get the minerals from the harvested plants and then process the contents.

3. At the moment lithium batteries are over shadowing fuel cell technology especially in passenger autos. 

4. All these resource subjects will be further commented upon on the Bvians Abacus Information Alerts website. So be sure to check it out.