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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Good Step in the right Direction Great

The new minister of mines has come out with a plan to put mining in the right direction after the previous ministers have have been blundering around for the last 23 years have achieved very little taking mining into the dark ages, worrying more about racial quotas and extracting tax from mining at a time when mineral prices were declining.
GWEDE  MANTASHE the new minister of mining has proposed  a longer time frame for mining called VISION 30 . As we all know it can take up to ten years to ramp up a mine to full production and a lot longer to show a reasonable profit. 
At the moment no major explorers have shown any interest in their field.Mr. Mantashe is instituting a process where all stake holders are been consulted before publishing a new mining charter.
All that the mine owners ask is that this document should be made tinker proof as following ministers might not be as knowledge-able as the present minister and then spoil the package . There are copious amounts amounts of platinum ,yes and even lithium and other rare earth minerals  and chrome waiting to be developed.
Something I don't really talk about is during the last three month a great deal of interest is been shown by the Eastern nations ,in the past this was the exclusive working area of the WEST.
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