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Monday, July 1, 2013


President Obama has visited our shores.This is of great  importance to us as we are the leading most advanced  country on the African continent. He has agreed to push congress to pass an extension to the AGOA agreement which gives forty four countries in Africa almost duty free entry  for a variety of products.He also asked for South Africa to consider an agreement which let USA products into our country duty free. Such a free trade agreement could only be to our advantage in the future.
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Great news for us is that the private sector will also help to overcome our electricity shortage by generating and selling direct to ESCOM,our largest
coal mining group ,namely EXXARO will also get in on the act by setting up ,with the help of a French firm a power station on the new Limpopo coal field.This is still in the first phase so power shortages are likely to be with us for at least five years.Coal burning power stations are eco friendly these days ,so are not likely to decrease our carbon credits.

The Gold price is shrinking and some econominsts and traders  think it could plummet to around $300 per ounce.
I myself think this is highly unlikely as Gold forms part of every reserve bank in the world.It is the source of last resort in a crises ,when paper money fails.As an example Cyprus was told to pay over their entire gold holding  over,when they ran into trouble last year by the European Union.

For the sakes of the reserve banks they are likely to buy in gold around $700 per ounce if for now other reason than to preserve their assets. 
At the moment the Indian wedding gold market is dead as they are relying on scrap gold to fund their needs.They and every other buyer are not buying to see how low gold will go  as then they can get in at bargain prices.

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He also pledged funds for the supply of electricity for some of the most backward countries in Africa, a  good start.Hopefully other major countries will add to this fund.As we all know,electricity leads to a higher standard of living and will lead to the advancement of the continent .
Finally I heard him say in one of his speeches that corruption must be eliminated as no company would be willing to enter a new mining venture say if they had to employ a relative of a government official! Also our government and others on the continent must keep taxes realisticly lower to encourage trade so all can make a living and make it worthwhile to invest.