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Thursday, August 1, 2013


Central and Southern Africa have many strategic minerals in abundance and are amongst world leaders in producing these.
South Africa produces over 72% of the Platinum used in the world
and 83% of the Rhodium for Catalytic converters and other industrial uses.
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28/8  ALERT
Tensions are rising world-wide this morning as the Syrian crises is likely to spill over into
more bloodshed with the world powers taking sides.In South Africa we have serious trade union wars in a fight about turf escalating now.The more moderate NUM union has also upped its demands to compete with the more radical unions.Most of the demands now are completely unnatainable,which could bring our country to its knees.The mining of minerals is likely to decrease to a trickle and many mines would forced to close permanently.

SOUTH AFRICAS gold and platinum production continues to decline,year on year.Figures are issued by the governments stastistical department.Bad news for labour and balance of payments.Gold the once dominant metal is down YOY on June by 14%.
Platinum Group Metals is down by 18%.Not good news for these labour intensive industries also bad news for our GDP.
Coal is now our number one export ,bringing the most money.Iron ore also brings more than Gold

We are not the only country with a foreign exchange deficit it seems! India also is having problems at the moment.They have banned the import of physical gold to help balance their books.Soon they will only allow the import of gold that will exit in jewellery.As gold pays such a big part in their culture,this move has sent the price of their own gold sky high!
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According to the world bank and South African chamber of Mines last year over half a million people were still employed in the mining industry.We are also the fifth largest producer of gold ,also produce 47%of the worlds chrome used in super alloys,also a large exporter of coal and diamonds.
Our immediate neighbours sharing borders with us name Namibia is a large exporter of Uranium alsoDiamonds,Botswana diamonds and Mozambique coal and one of the few producers outside China of Rare earth minerals. In Central Africa there is the DM Congo that supplies rare earths such as tantalum,cobalt and also diamonds.